Elements of perfect Headline

The headline is the type of text indicates the nature of the article. the headline purpose is to quickly draw attention of a reader towards the story. It is written by a copy editor, but can also be written by the writer of the article, the page layout designer, or could be by other editors.

Headline is also known as soul of the content or hook of content.
In other word we can say that headline line workout as compass.

Things to keep in mind while writing headline are as follows:

1. Understand the target audience:
While writing a headline we have keep in mind whom we are writing for. we have to know exactly who we are talking to and trying to attract our reader with the help of our headline, so our headline should be effective. We should start headline writing process by keeping in mind who our audience is example for political news we should use diplomatic headline.

2. Show the Benefit of Reading:
While writing headline, we should think about the reader, we should try to put ourselves into their shoes, and should begin writing headlines that could directly connect them with their wants and needs. Should Use our knowledge about the reader to write a headline that gives them a reason to read. Show them how they could benefit by this:
• Solves their problem
• Answers their question
• Makes their life easier
• Leads them to a positive outcome

3. Use the Simple but impressive Language:
The language we choose should naturally impacts the worthiness of your headline. while using words that are bland, uninspiring, or unknown by most, your target readers may go to be turned off.
Instead stick with language that is simple, but powerful. For example, address the reader as “you”, and use the words like “try” or “should”.

4. Headline must Appropriate to the Story:
A humorous headline may work with a soft news, but it most definitely wouldn’t be appropriate for an article about someone being murdered or hard news. The tone of the headline must match the tone of the story.
Example: a man brutally killed his wife for money.

5. Use of the Active Voice
Use the subject-verb-object formula for news writing. That’s also the best model for headlines. Start with subject, write in the active voice, and your headline will convey more information using fewer words. Active voice tells who did what. Where as passive voice tells what happen which hides who.

6. Use of Present Tense
It makes the reader fells more connected towards the story. Even if the news story is written in the past tense, headlines must almost always use the present tense. So that reader could get attracted towards the article.
Example – Liverpool wins first premier league title
Neymar injury hit PSG hopes

7. Must know where to Capitalize
Always capitalize the first word of the headline as should all the proper nouns in the headline. Don’t capitalize every word in headline unless that is the style of your particular publication.
Example: Blackpink’s Lisa showing love to fans

8. Be Direct
Headlines aren’t the place to be obscure; a direct, straightforward headline gets your attention towards it more effectively than something overly creative.
Example- Maggie – 30% off today only

9. Avoid names
It is always better to avoid names while writing headline. But if in case it’s a popular well know name then name should be use because that particular name could attract the readers to read whole news.
Example – if the news is about famous celebrity like Justin Bieber, Drake, BTS. people want to read about them, then it’s worth to use their name.

10. Using of articles in headline
Avoid using of a, an, the in the headline. So that reader could get more connected with the article through headline.
Example- Man releases rabid dog on street (A man released a rabid dog on a street)
These were the few things we have to keep in mind while writing headline. A good headline catches reader attention first, then actual content on it. But then condition is headline should connect to content not any irrelevant information.

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