Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing refers to process of helping potential customers to find our company. Inbound marketing happens even before any customer makes a purchase. Several types of inbound marketing are SEO marketing, content marketing, blogs, etc. The contents provided by inbound marketing is educational and entertaining too. Inbound marketing only consists of organic leads. Inbound marketing has the potential to connect us with people who are genuinely interested in what we say.

Inbound marketing can solve various problems and issues, such as:

  1. Increasing brand awareness- A right content and a right message in place can make our website and our products appear online at the topmost search result. This will increase people’s knowledge on our brand.
  2. Improving brand preferences- One can increase brand preference ie, make our brand come into their mind when they want to purchase commodities by educating and interacting with potential customers.
  3. Generate more leads- Inbound marketing has very little to invest and can reap benefits for a greater period of time. It will attract organic searches and leads.
  4. Drive traffic into the website- Inbound marketing can ensure that our website is being searched for and clicked-through more often.
  5. Communicating to target audience- Inbound marketing will help in identifying prospective customers who require our product or service and can help in generating leads and awareness.

Certain features of inbound marketing are as follows:

  1. Focusses on creativity- Inbound marketing ensures that we think a lot on creating a good marketing strategy or campaign for attracting target audience. Blog posts, social media marketing, email campaigns, re-targeting are certain methods where there is customer attraction gathered.
  2. Encourages email marketing- Inbound marketing also eencourages people to perform email marketing. It is a great form of re-targeting strategy if the emails are sent at the right time and to the right audience.
  3. It concentrates on SEO- Inbound marketing greatly focusses on search engine optimization. Using relevant key phrases and terms, using headline with keywords are some of the ways in which one can ensure that their products are looked at or their website is visited.
  4. Increases customer retention- Content marketing and email marketing help in retaining customers as the constant reminders sent to them will make them be more attracted towards our brand and this will also encourage a good amount of engagement via consuming the product or availing the service.
  5. Offers higher ROI- Properly executed inbound marketing is observed to bring about higher returns on investments as it leads to higher sales or leads. It is observed that correctly executed inbound marketing are ten times more effective than traditional marketing.
  6. Merges sales and marketing- Sales and marketing can work together to provide highly-targeted contents which would directly solves issues which any customers have. It will help in knowing exactly what the product or their company lack and will strive to make improvements.
  7. Blog-readers- Inbound marketing attracts the attention of blog readers to earn higher returns and to share the knowledge of the particular product or service available. Blog-readers play an essential role in describing the usefulness of any product or service and it ensures higher attractiveness towards the product or service which ultimately make customers buy it or avail it.

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