The way to self-improvement

Everybody likes money, it is an essential aspect of our daily lives that controls society. We use it for exchanging goods and services as well as a benchmark for our success. Knowledge and health follow the same principle, we deem people who are smarter or more fit than us just as better, wanting to become better is in the mindset of all of us. It matters whether we put in the effort or not. Money making, boosting health and attaining knowledge which consists of two parts and it’s very simple structure aspect that is ‘Investment’. This is essentially investing and setting aside time money or any other resources to reach your goal, this might seem like common sense but most people say that they are going to do something but end up not doing it due to laziness or not having enough time.

If you truly care about something you will make time and think of a way to achieve that goal. Let’s take the concept of investing resources and apply it to stock market or money making concept. The younger you start investing , the less money you have to invest per day, per month or even per year to become a millionaire by age of 65. If you want to invest more, go ahead and make the million come to you faster. By investing money and time, you get to enjoy your life more slowly improving your wealth over time. We can invest our money into any company, may that be Google, Amazon, Walmart, Tesla, etc. The sooner you start investing your money, the less effort is required to reach a million and this strategy can be applied to any goal that you create. Knowledge and health follow the same principle, invest money and time and you will be greatly rewarded throughout your journey. Buy books or courses for improving your overall health or your knowledge or buy a personal trainer that can help you to change your dream body. Overall it all boils down to whether you are able to achieve your willing goal, you should actually take a leap towards your goal.

The hardest part of your journey will be aspect number two- ‘Motivation’. Motivation differs from person to person, some people want to become rich to have a great life for themselves while others to give money to organizations that make the world a better place, some people want to have an aesthetic body for showing off and others for their fitness, it differs. Motivation is the burning sensation inside of you that either one wants to continue ferociously or wants to give up because you aren’t seeing the results or it seems too risky. We have to realize that by investing into a better view, it doesn’t matter whether you might have pitfalls in your journey, whereas phrase goes “keep your eyes on the prize”. Fundamentally it does not matter what your goal is, find ways to never lose hope and motivation to succeed and you will achieve your goal much faster than you planned.

Improvement can be achieved in two parts- invest time, money or any other resources that you need and the other one is to have the pure persistence or find ways to never lose hope and motivation to succeed. This adds upto a better version of you.

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