Learn to Apologize

Photo by Brett Jordan on Pexels.com

Apologize when u do a mistake.Sounds cliche right?

But it has a deep meaning and significance.

There are two possibilities either you have done something for which you should genuinely apologize and second is you have not done anything wrong but still being accused.

Let’s discuss the former ,

If and when a mistake is committed by you be it intentionally or unintentionally,apologize for it.

It may so happen that your actions/words didn’t directly culminate to a mistake but have adverse indirect effects.So ,by keeping your heart out of ego ,empathizing with the victim , just apologize.

Your mistake might not feel big to you but could be grave or fatal for the other party.

You might have caused deep cuts by your words,causing injury to their soul.

Irrespective of your awareness of the grief,apologize.

It will not just Help them move on but also help yourself from avoiding any further regret. A man Can live poorly But living with guilt It’s some thing no one can afford.

So for the sake of your own selfishness at least,learn to apologize.

It is not easy to become brave and accept your mistakes.But it is wise and appropriated.Bowing down doesn’t make you weaker,it only helps you grow as a person.Self introspection grows stronger and your quest to success begins.Identifying and realising your mistake is an indication of self awareness and diluted self ego.

So next time you cause hurt,mental or physical intention or unintentional 


Now the question is when you know you have not done wrong and the other party is falsely accusing you.After self introspection you come to know that you aren’t at fault,no facts support you are wrong and the other party is falsely framing you for selfish purposes.

Do this,

First of all realise that this person is not your friend if s-he does something like this.Cut off this toxic person.

Do not apologize when you aren’t wrong.Take your stand. You aren’t nothing to bow down when you are right.Stand up for what you believe.

Provide facts or statements of your right.Convince those who care about your arguments.Those who do not care won’t care even if you are right.

Give counterarguments .Do not sit down helplessly.If the person is important to you then try to explain yourself if not once then thrice.If s-he doesn’t trust you regardless,leave.

Trust is an important tenet of any relationship-friendship.If you cannot trust you ,you should not keep them.

You need to achieve a balance between right and wrong.

A wrong means for a right future is not always justified.

So today’s mantra-

Organize yourself,your thoughts and never bow down your ideals to someone who doesn’t value you or your thoughts.

Care for yourself just like you would care for others.

When wrong,do not shy away from apologizing.