Love each other

In today’s world, there is enough hate to make a person sick of loving others. Hate is engraved in our society; it has become a go-to emotion for everybody. When we see others succeeding but not us, we start spreading hate towards them. Spreading hate is not going help anybody, it will neither make you successful nor will it help the other person, the negativity will affect their mental health too.

For once, try loving people without expecting anything in return. It will free you from any negative emotions, you will get to know that by loving others you will feel good too. Loving includes all types of love whether it is love for your partner, your child, your sibling, your parents, or fellow planet-mates. All of us need to be loved, whether we realize it or not we need all kinds of love, from our partner, from our children, etc.

Love is a very powerful emotion; we can win over people’s hearts with love. Today, when everybody is spreading hate, jealousy, negativity, start loving others, this planet needs it. Imagine a world where there is no hate, almost all the problems would be solved, there would be no wars, no shootings, no crimes, and everybody would live peacefully. Every year, so many people are killed, so many women are raped, there are bombings and suicides and homicides, these all occur due to hate engraved within people’s souls towards one another

When you love others, you might always get love in return but that does not mean we start hating those people who do not return our emotions. In the end, we’ll be happy that we lived a life devoid of any kind of hate. It is highly unlikely though, when you are generous and you love people, you will attract people with negative emotions, instead you will attract people who are as generous and lovable as you.

Some people fear to love others; this may happen because they might have had some traumatic past where they loved the other person but they betrayed them. Such people, for the rest of their lives, fear to trust and love others. They must see a counselor solve their mental and emotional issues.

When people spread hate towards you, you must act in a certain way, rather than spreading similar hate and negativity towards them you should forget about them, exclude them from your life and move on We must concentrate on our actions rather than on others, when we show kindness and generosity, and love towards others the universe will conspire to return the same emotion to us. Therefore, we must start to watch our actions and deeds, and rather than noticing how other people behave and then choosing our way to treat them we must spread love no matter what. Love and kindness start at home and your body is your home too, so in order to love others, we must love ourselves, and treat our mind with kindness.