Sexual Harrasment

In this uncertainty world , girls are facing many struggles in working places or even in schools by men’s. One of it is sexual harrasment. It took longer time to recognize about this problem.

Sexual harrasment is an form of unwilling sexual behavior which is offensive without womens willingness. It is against law. In this modern world , there are new laws were put forth by the government. But many culprits are escaping from the law and orders. Now take a glimpse at these paragraphs below, so that you could understand what it means .

What is sexual harrasment?

It is an unwillingness sexual behavior which is offensive , humiliating and intimidating. If this sexual activity takes place without his or her personal willingness or interest , then it is considered to be sexual harrasment. This is not only happened to women but also to mens. There are three types of sexual harrasment in work place is verbal or written, physical and visual.


                           Sexual harassment comes in many forms and not just a single one. You can understood what is good touch and bad touch.

It includes when someone tries to bad touch you or grab you or tries to make other physical contacts with you without your consent.

           Not only that, compelling you or requesting you to have sex with them and leering at you.

                         Asking unwanted questions about your sex life and showing offensive material.

Sending unwanted messages or videos or photos about sex or observe phone calls.

Sexual harassment can impact a person severely. It may stress out the victim and they may suffer from anxiety  or depression.

                         Moreover, it can also cause them to withdraw from social situations. After that, the victim also starts to lose confidence and self-esteem. There may also be physical symptoms like headaches, sleeping problems and being not able to concentrate or be productive.


         It is better to solve this problem fastly. First thing , you share this problem with your family members or else share it with your closed ones.

Take this problem to police or your higher officials about this harrasment .

Maintain a document to make it as proof like the texts or social medias comments or emails etc…

Get your friends suggestions or ideas to get rid of from this problem.

Many countries issued that sexual harrasment is an illegal. The word ‘sexual harrasment ‘ means occurring violence within the general community. In India it is described as ‘ eve teasing ‘ .

Indian Law and order

According to Indian constitution, it overrun the fundamental rights of women to gender equality under Article 14 and her rights to live life with dignity under Article 21.

The Supreme Court of India in a public Litigation defined sexual harassment at work place in 1997. This judgement is known as vishaka judgement. Indian law passed its own law on sexual harrasment in the work place which is ” The sexual Harrasment of women at workplace ( prevention, prohibition and Redressal) , Act in 2013.

The criminal Law (Amendment) act in 2013 was introduced with some changes in the Indian Penal Code , making it as an expressed offense under the section 354. The one who involves in this will get punishment upto 3 years of imprisonment or fine.

Though we have many laws and orders for this harrasment, many criminals are easily escaped from this . Think what is making these culprits to spoil many persons life.

            To conclude, sexual harassment is a very real issue that went unnoticed for a long period of time, but not anymore. It is essential for all of us to take measures to prevent it from happening as it damages the life of the victim severely.




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