Child abusing

Abusing a toddler is like insulting the God you preach . Children are featured as soft hearted and are free from all their works and enjoying as the way they are. They are kind hearted and adorable. They shower love towards whom they love more.
But there are some culprits who are abusing this adorable children without any courtesy or any humanity towards them.

What is child abusing?

Child abusing is not just a violence directed to them. It includes both physical and verbal abuse. It is a type of maltreatment by the adults, which many be violent or threatening the child and troubling their emotions. It is also called as maltreatment. There are several types of child abuse which includes physical, emotional or psychological, physical neglect , psychological neglect or emotional neglect , sexual abuse and so on .

Causes of child abuse

There are several causes of child abusing and the prime mover is poverty. It happens when the family doesn’t have the resources to supply or to satisfy the necessity of their relations especially children like food, proper dress, education.

Many people who cannot satisfy the needs of their children are leaving their children at orphanage or selling them to the rich people who are ready to accept them for many purposes. As we all know that family is the best place for children and it is the place for crucial sour of affection and care .

Now-a-days maltreatment are occurring within the family and it is not exposed to the society.

Substance abuse is becoming one among the reasons for increasing number of child abuse round the world. Throughout different studies it had been clear that oldsters with history of drug abuse , most ordinarily alcohol, cocaine, and heroin, were more likely to abuse their children.

This substance can results in developing abnormal behaviors by the abuser either they are from family or strangers. The last explanation for maltreatment are often psychological. Parents who don’t have community of close friends or relatives living nearby may feel isolated. Parents with psychological disorders may affect their children without knowing.

How to prevent children from child abusing?

• Parents taking note of their children and talk with them.

• Educating new parents on the parenting skills since Children got to know that they’re special, loved and capable of following their dreams.

• Stopping maltreatment when seeing it.

• Teaching the kid the difference between acceptable and unacceptable touching, and to trust their instincts about people.

• Educating the oldsters about the signs of abuse so it’ll be easy to detect it and making the laws more stronger.

Preventing maltreatment isn’t simply a matter of oldsters doing a far better job, but rather it’s about creating a context during which “doing better” is simpler . Enlightened public policy and therefore the replication of high-quality publicly supported interventions are only a part of what’s needed to successfully combat maltreatment . It remains important to remind the general public that maltreatment and neglect are serious threats to child’s health development which overt violence toward children and a persistent lack of attention to their care and supervision are unacceptable. Individuals have the power to simply accept personal responsibility for reducing acts of kid abuse and neglect by providing support to every other and protectively to all or any children within their family and their community.

As sociologist Robert Wuthnow has noted that every volunteer effort or act of compassion finds its justification not in offering solutions for society’s problems but in offering hope “both that the great society we envision is feasible which the very act of helping one another gives us strength and a standard destiny”.

Save child and save future generations

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