“China’s Coercive(15) Population(15)”- A Cause Of Concern For India (11,12)


China’s coercive population(15) ie, about having a third child as announced by the Chinese government has become a cause of concern in India. India is supposed to learn from China’s failed attempt to follow the two child system policy more deligently and should implement good strategies for their citizens to follow.

China has been having a population which is getting well old-aged and in many other fast developing countries one can find these problems arising. It is raising cause of concern for China. India, following the policy has ensured that it has the best family planning measures. By educating the citizens in India, especially the women, birth control rate has increased and also, there has been a reduction in the child-marriage cases.

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  • India can learn from China’ mistakes and can prevent population explosion and successfully implementing strategies to stop immensive demographic problems of finding jobs and empower women to educate their girl child more in-order to prevent them from increasing population and also, to be independent and more controlled over themselves.
  • The fact that China has announced to have third girl child is something which India should not implement as demographically, India has more girls and boys who are of the working age group and it will stop them from earning more and to be on job, their responsibilities will be such that they will not be able to handle.
  • The fact shown ie, the share of population being increased from 8% to 19% in 2050, is, in itself, a great cause of concern and it will not add any output to the Indian economy as they will not work, and will not create good output and increase GDP of the country.
  • A revamped child policy planning measures should be given more importance and also, educated to all the couples as it will be helpful in preventing the population growth.
  • India should also educate and invest on youth for their education and career as this can also be a good attempt on making them understand about this crisis and they are the very future of our country and it is through them that change will be impacted in India.

So, considering these factual statements and implementing them should be the very first step the Chinese Government should follow, as this will provide a lot of control of the population in the long run. Various other ways in which India can learn from China for controlling their population are as follows,


  1. Religion does not matter, it is always the amount of education both men and women have which ultimately makes them decide about their life.
  2. In fast developing countries, one is not taking care of their age-old parents and they are forced to give birth to someone, who will take care of them. This should stop and be taken care of by our country and age-old parents should never be left in whichever state of their health they will be.
  3. Always ensure of using birth-control devices and please do educate yourself after what you have seen on this link as to how to control our population and invest on youth.

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