Climate Change: Should I be worried?

Environmental issues became a huge national and global concern since the 1960s. The media has played a huge role in communicating the situation and through that we get to know about many issues which are taking place in today’s world. Climate change has been a very substantial security concern not because of its direct impact on floods and other natural disasters which can damage mankind and create havoc. The extreme effects of climate change are befalling on the small developing island states first. Small island countries in the pacific are always at the mercy of natural disasters such as tsunamis and cyclones. The effect of climate change on them is so grim that if ever a natural disaster struck them, the whole island could be washed out. The majority of the shares for the releasing of greenhouse gases belong to large countries such as China, the US, India, and Russia.

Environment refers to everything around us from the water bodies to the mountains. Today the most striking reason for the degradation and depletion of the environment is the deteriorating relationship between man and the environment. Everyone gives industrial expansion and technological development all the importance now and forgets that the
surroundings are actually what helps us survive. These actions which are being taken have been so extreme and fast that the rate of degradation has been super quick and widespread. Increasing industries and their expansion have led to the increase in the release of greenhouse gases such as CO 2 , NO x, SO x, CFC’s and other gases.

These usually are the main reasons for climate change. The gases released get trapped in the atmosphere which causes the warming of the planet also called global warming. Due to this phenomenon, there are observed changes in temperature in our globe. Climate change is observed drastically in places such as Greenland, Antarctica, Indonesia, and many more. In the polar zones, climate change has caused significant differences such as in the melting of ice caps and the thinning of the ice. It is our responsibility as responsible citizens of the world to save all our resources from depleting to make our future generations also be able to see the wonders of the world. Earth is our home and only together we can make it green again!

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