How to judge people

Yes you got it right. We are often told  don’t judge people on the basis of any parameter.

And yet here I am suggesting to judge not just people but situations efficiently.

What kind of judgment are we talking about here? You should learn to do selective judgment. Judgment Done by you should be on an individual level and it should not affect adversely the second party in anyway.Like I said there is good in the world along with the bad so your judgment should be limited to warding off the bad people around you.

Your call should not become any sort of discrimination towards the people.Your hatred or your indifference should not become social or societal indifference.

Judgement of a person is only for cautious purposes.

Like it benefits girls the most.Seeing the number of rapes and hate crimes committed against women,a key of caution towards judgement of intention can be handy.

Similarly,mothers and sisters of culprits can judge their son’s behavior as to what tendencies he has.This can help in avoiding at least a few incidents of female cruelty.

I agree,In india parenting is different.But that’s what we need to learn as a country.Adopt the positive things from other countries.

It can help you be safe.Prevent accident,incidence of injury to both mind and body.

Another angle to judgement is we learn to analyse situations and can foresee our reaction to it.We constantly react to external stimuli in many ways.

It helps provide a presumption of a situation and hence we can bravely fave the wicked ones.

The fight between right and wrong even establishes itself at government level.

Whilst arguing that selective judgement is good and can be helpful to you there is yet another angle.To learn where to not judge.

Some wrongs we can avoid-

To judge people on the basis of their beauty.Bad.

Judging them on the basis of their money. Bad.

Doing friendships or relationships on the basis of pros and cons or advantages and disadvantage without having any emotions. Bad.

Judging someone on the basis of the language they speak,Fluency in English. Bad.

Judging someone on the basis of clothes to wear. Bad.

Judging someone on the basis of their religion/Caste. Bad.

Judging someone by the life choices they make ie being on married choosing a spouse etc.Bad. 

Considering Everyone who is not like you inferior and satisfying your pride.Bad.


Self analysis and helping others learn selective judgment to prevent or overcome possible future wrongs.Good.