How To Move Offices

Group of young people moving in new office, holding boxes and stuff.

According to the article, what I have understood is that it is not an easy task to shift office or to relocate offices. It requires careful planning and execution. It also involves giving prior notice to each individual working in the organisation about the premise’s relocation.

One needs to prepare a proper checklist which suggests us certain deadlines and guidelines, it says about how the organisation is communicating about it’s shifting premises, a proper role and responsibility should be given to the staff working about the duties one has to fulfull while the shifting is in process and should tell them to prepare for any inconviniences caused. The owner or the leaser should also be informed of moving or shifting and the fact that they will move or shift, should inform the date and the new address the premise is shifting to.

While shifting, there can be recklessness which needs to be minimized as if the required number of days to shift or the deadline to shift the organisation is passed by, it proves an expensive affair and waste  the time of it’s employees working.  At the new premise, the minimum basic requirement should be fulfilled such as WIFI connection, electricity, table, chairs, desks, etc. inorder to ensure smooth work flow in the new premise. It shouldn’t become a hindrance for slow working environment. One useful way is to divide the company’s staff into half where the other half stays at the ol premise for careful and proper shifting of all the equipments which are valuable to the organisation.

In general, it takes about 10-12 months to properly move into new premises and start their normal operations. The most important thing to keep in mind is to ensure that right people are selected to finish the job at the earliest. All of these work requires time and being hasty does not work. It might prove ineffective if there appears issues in the new premises or if the new premise turns out to be small in size or scale of operations increases. Therefore, a careful and long term planning is very essential in terms of scale of operations, size of the employees increasing, new departments increasing, etc. These are just some of the thoughts. Certain effective things to keep in mind would be to start planning as early as possible, label all boxes and all equipments for proper identification, appoint any moving manager to ensure that he/she focusses on the shifting process more smoothly and effectively, also, ensuring everything stays fit at the new premise is very essential. As far as it is possible, move non-significant things later on, first focus on the most essential stuff to be moved or relocated. Most of the time is saved by differentiating the office equipments into categories.

To end, shifting premises require more amount of time and planning and a speedy setup is essential in-order to reduce non-operating days in the office. Do share your thoughts on the same. It will be really appreciated. Thank you.

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