A 100 year battle

This started about a century ago, in the early 1900s. During that time Israel-Palestine was under the Ottoman Empire. The place was diverse with a majority of Arabs and Christians and a minority of Jews. At that time, the Jews and Palestinians wanted their own country. After World War 1, the Ottoman Empire collapsed and British took control over
Palestine. But then many conflicts between Arabs and Palestinians began and as the conflicts started to worsen, the UN took action divide British Palestine into Israel for the Jews, Palestine for the Arabs and Jerusalem was an international site as it was important for the Jews, Arabs and Christians. But the Arabs weren’t satisfied with this and
decided to declare war on Israel. This was the Arab – Israeli war (1946 –1949).

There were many consequences of this war. One was the destruction and loss of life, there was loss of life of soldiers and even innocent people. Israel won the war and took over some parts of Palestine. Due to this, some of the Palestinians were expelled from their homes. Israel conquered most of the territory except the West Bank and Gaza in Egypt. After this war there were prolonged conflicts between Israel and Palestine. Israel had won many of the wars and occupied the Palestinian territory in the West Bank and Gaza. This is when it became an Israeli – Palestinian struggle. The recent Gaza conflicts where a violent extremist group of Palestinians situated in Gaza known as HAMAS declared war on Israel. This war had bombs and other machinery due to which many people lost their lives and their homes. In the future the condition can get worse or better, so we shall just hope for the best. People in these battles have shown various colors from both the sides, the countries have played their parts in the violence and havoc in todays world. People including toddlers have been pulled into the vicious cycle of battle between both the places for their nationalistic issues.