Civil Wars: A Failure Of National Politicians?

Introduction: A civil war also known as an intrastate war in polemology is a war between organised groups within the same state or country. The aim of one side maybe to take control of the country or a region, to achieve independence or to change government policies. The term was first used to refer to the various civil wars of the Roman Republic in the first century BC. However, in a world full of democracies, are civil wars a failure of national politicians?

Civil Wars: A Failure Or Not?
Countries with strong records of respect for democracy and human rights are far less likely to experience civil wars than hybrid regimes. Although intrastate conflicts have become an increasing share of all armed conflict these wars are most likely to break in countries with weak or failed governing institutions. To lower the risk of conflicts, domestic and international actors should focus on strengthening democratic institutions and respect for human rights by bringing marginalized groups and actors into a legitimate political process.
But in most of the democracies it is often witnessed that an inclusive political process and competitive elections leads to instability and coup. Instead of availing rights, justice, liberty and so on, the government or the politicians are not in a position to establish peace or stability in the region or in the country.
Countries like Cambodia, Yemen are still going through civil wars that have resulted in massive loss and destruction of life and property. In order to prevent such conditions it is the responsibility of the concerned political authority to inculcate positive approach,by keeping aside their urge for power sharing and capturing.

Civil wars are indeed an important matter of concern for the world community. Though it may occur in a particular country but it’s impact is spread out across the globe. The failure on the side of the politicians in maintaining a chaos free environment is responsible in the upsurge of severe civil wars and conflicts.

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