Do We Still Need Grades In The Modern Education System?

Examinations and grades have been defining a student’s academic capacity for a long time now.
With increase in competition in all the different fields, the demand for good grades have
increased as well. But in the modern day education system, are grades still required?

Grades: Important or Not?
“Gradeless classrooms are a brave new world”- Mark Barnes.

Education is complex and nuanced. Grades are simple and arbitrary. Thus we can’t rely on this
simple grade scale for something as important as evaluating academic aptitude or to measure
the range of our knowledge. Grading system isn’t necessarily that informative and is less

Bad grades can stigmatize and discourage those who need help and at the same time it also
leads to self doubt which ultimately results in lower confidence. The grading system is
inherently subjective,punitive and reductive. But it is also deeply entrenched. The strongest
argument in favour of grading system is that it would take an absolutely enormous amount of
infrastructural and systematic change.
But if we’re all being honest with one another, we can acknowledge that the grades aren’t
actually driving us to greater heights of educational enlightenment.Though they cause a lot of
stress and anxiety in the students.
We are deeply conditioned by the grades indeed.The grading system and its unchecked
authority are both long overdue for reconsideration.

Grades don’t tell us how to cultivate talent, help in self management or how to push oneself
beyond the bare minimum. It only helps us to find out who should be rewarded or who need to
be punished. Thus, it can be concluded that grades affect the performance of the majority adversely that can lead to serious mental agony and anguishment.

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