“Learn to love your insecurities.” A common definition of a perfect person is someone who looks good, has good economic stability and looks happy. Every person has a mental image of what a perfect life, face, body looks like and this varies from person to person. While one would want to look skinny the other would want to be curvy. therefore everyone’s idea of a perfect person is different. This leads to insecurities. The need of looking in some manner and being content in only that way. Often when we see celebrities posting on their social media accounts insecurities tend to build up because of how “perfect” they look but in reality, most don’t look like what they portray to be which isn’t a bad thing but the people viewing it take it in a negative manner and end up wanting to change themselves as well.

these pictures take hours to photoshop to make it look presentable and picture perfect but nobody ever wakes up looking amazing. We all have our bed head, flaky skin, eye bags which is a normal part of our body and it should be appreciated. People need to learn to love these insecurities and that’s when they get a glowup mentally and understand that a perfect person is someone who loves themselves for who they are rather than wanting to be a alternative version which in the end could bring them down. It’s not a easy thing to do but one step a day can make a huge difference. Some ways which could help you grow up mentally would be to observe your surroundings and the people you surround yourselves with because they play a huge role in this and if you ever need a change, do not hesitate to give it up because in the end it’s your happiness that actually matters. An example for this could be Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty. She doesn’t have a perfect body(according to present beauty standards) yet she considered the goddess of beauty. that shows that our physical appearance has nothing to do with how perfect we are, its our mentality that actually defines who we are as a person. There should be no definition given to perfect because in the end we all are very different from each other (except identical twins). A perfect man is a dead man. If you’re alive you’ll have to constantly learn and adapt. Make mistakes , stumble , fall and get up . There’s no such thing as perfect . That’s not life , that’s momentary . You can achieve perfection for moments or in your work but there are so many factors when it comes to humans which are out of our control. It is like swimming , you get better as much you practice . When water flows in river it is fresh , when it stops it gets infected . Our body is composed of so many cells and organs which function as per their natural mechanisms . When we can’t even control our organs how could we be perfect ? Striving for perfection is a great quest though but the universe is motion , when one becomes static , it’s death .

I would like to conclude this by saying you are loved and insecurities are unique parts of yourself that is supposed to appreciated and loved rather than looked down upon

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