Tough Time Getting An Internship

This is one from my personal experience. I have completed my Bachelor’s in Business Administration from St.Joseph’s College of Commerce, Bangalore. I have been having a tough time finding internships or jobs from which I can earn something decent. I am glad that I at-least got a platform to express this. Thank you so much Eduindex News and WordPress. I have been interning here and writing articles for gaining internship experience for the past one month. I have applied to a lot of places in Bangalore. The fields where I have applied are Marketing, Content Writing. I have a lot of interest in content writing. I would love to earn money by writing small contents or small blogs.

What I want to express through this article is simple. I just want everyone who is of my age 21, to know, that whatever opportunity you get to intern, I say intern, not whether you earn money or not, but to intern, then grab it like it is a jackpot. It will add up to your experience, it will add up to your struggle which you have been facing finding an internship. I have been very grateful to this platform where I wrote articles, gained internship from Hariyali via Internshala. It is not about earning always, it is all about gaining experience and facing struggles. Today, I do not have any internship or any job, and I am constantly applying to everywhere for earning atleast something. Life is a lot more difficult out there and only now, I realize what my parents had struggled during their time that today, they have succesful businesses. Internships and jobs require a lot of skills which we lack. I also would love to give you one suggestion. There are a lot of free certificate courses on stock markets, digital marketing, from many many websites. Start applying and learning through them. It is a great experience which none of the colleges will ever teach you. It will also add up to the resumes when you make them for applying to new jobs.

Internships have a very important role to play in our life. No matter how big or small an internship is, it will surely give us some experience about what the outer life is, how difficult it is to earn even small amounts. I feel it is a responsibility of every person who is of my age, 21, and who is either finishing their under graduation, to keep searching for good online courses and for good internships where your interests lie. Good online courses add up to your resumes, and so does good internships. It will give you the extra added advantage over others to fetch a good job when you apply for it. If college is able to provide you with good internships, it is one of the best ways to get one, I had applied to various companies from college, but due to low marks, or don’t know which criteria, could not fetch a good job or internship. But, from my own experience, I would like to say to you that no matter how big or small internship or job we get, whether in college or through acquintance or from anywhere we apply, just grab it, do not miss it and grab it to gain experience, it might give you wonders in the future.

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