The coronavirus pandemic has brought drastic changes upon us. The world is caught up in an unprecedented situation and every new day brings us a ton of challenges. People in every remote corner of the world have been affected by the pandemic situation. It has become really hard to step out of the house without fear and a mask, let alone enjoy vacation getaways. International travel has been restricted to very important reasons only. Country after country, continent after continent is grappling under the deathly waves of COVID-19. Hospitals are brimming with COVID positive patients and finding a bed for a sick family member or relative has become harder than finding a diamond! There is shortage of basic resources everywhere and procuring basic common consumer and commercial commodities has also become quite difficult. The nation’s doctors are working 24 X 7 to save and cure the dying. Police forces and military squads have been deployed on duty day and night and these forces are patrolling the cities very vigilantly without the wink of an eye. People are rarely stepping out in the public unless really necessary. Public gatherings, cultural festivals and gatherings in all probable hotspots that the virus might spread in have been cancelled. The quintessential outdoor exercises and activities are cut off, and excessive care is being taken about infection via public contact. People are switching to at-home workouts and recreational activities, skipping any chance of going outside their safe abode. All the restaurant afficionados are moving towards cooking at home to reduce any miniscule risk of contamination due to any random tiny trigger. Such has become the awareness of people that they don’t dare roam out on the streets or touch their face or food without sanitising themselves. The employment sector has been hit hard by the pandemic. Millions of people around the world have lost their jobs. The circumstances are harder for the daily wage workers, as most of these families live hand to mouth.

In this chaotic situation, a lot has changed with respect to the thoughts, views and perspective of humans. People now seem to have developed a sense of humanity. Their response towards others’ problems and plight have softened. Maybe a part of this owes to this terrible pandemic, that people have realized how important it is to maintain people and relations, because it is in absolute necessity that we realise how these relations come to the rescue. Though the pandemic has difficulties made living difficult, it has nurtured people together and brought them closer, too. Some of the COVID learnings this far:

  • Life is precious. The fatal disease has made us realize the utter importance of life. It is really difficult to maintain a healthy life with good physical, stable mental and strong emotional health. The pandemic has taught us to handle anything patiently and maturely.
  • Every problem is an opportunity for a solution. The lockdown came with a number of adversities. Facing and tackling these issues has taught us that every problem has a solution and if not, at least an alternative way of approach.
  • Life blows us away with shocks, but also presents us with a coping mechanism. Though the effect of the advent of coronavirus has been stressful and at times depressing, it has also given us the strength to come to terms with the intensity of the situation and has subtly hinted towards finding solutions to daily problems.
  • When nature realizes it is time for a much-needed break, there is no disagreeing to that. Well, nature has its own ways of restoring and balancing itself, even if that means changing the course of the way the world works.
  • When problems strike hard, give time for things to heal. Initially, there was havoc everywhere regarding the world’s functioning. Slowly, as people accepted the situation and acted on it, they found solutions. Although these solutions are not totally efficient, they sure have bridged the gap to be good enough to suffice.

The world is full of problems and equal opportunities. If we choose to learn and grow out of these, we’ll live happier and contented. The pandemic has made us realize how important it is to live a fulfilling life, and we ought to make the fullest of every moment!

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