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Adarsh Patel

Corona Vaccine Update!!!

The situation in the world are very worse and so our hope for vaccine also. Scienticts are trying hard and hard to discover the vaccine. Scientist and pharma industry from all over the world are in danger in terms of health and wealth. Here are some updates related to corona […]

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Business to do after pandemic situation…

Which business will survive after pandemic situation?!? The most asked and toughest question in everyone’s mind of the crises in business after the pandemic situation…Which businesses will drop down…? Which businesses will rise high and gain the maximum profit?…Which business should I opt after this pandemic situation? all of your […]

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CORONA- Boon or Bane?!?

Corona- a Boon or Bane? We all know very well what are the conditions out of our home via television (because we cannot leave our home…hehehe). Every thing is at halt and no doubt it will take a long to bring the things at normal again and its the fact […]

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