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Are you hungry all the time?

Bulimia Nervosa Bulimia (boo-LEE-me-uh) nervosa, commonly called bulimia, is a serious, potentially life-threatening eating disorder. People with bulimia may secretly binge — eating large amounts of food with a loss of control over the eating — and then purge, trying to get rid of the extra calories in an unhealthy […]

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History behind World brain Tumor day:June 8

June 8 2020 is also observed as World Brain Tumor Day apart from World Ocean Day which was intiated by a non profit organization in Germany called Deutsche Hirntumorhilfe in German. They are providing facilities for scientists and health professionals to develop efficient treatment of Brain tumor. They also provide […]

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Born a crime: Trevor Noah

I know Trevor doesn’t need an introduction. Trevor Noah is the best dailyshow host so far and famous for his consistant laugh inducing way of anchoring the show with such relevant topics. In his book Born A Crime, he narrates his South African childhood stories. He was born to a […]

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Google CEO pledged USD 37 million to fight racism

Google CEO sundar pichai on wednesday pledged USD 37 million to fight racism due to the nationwide protests in US because of the custodial killing of African- American George Floyd. The CEO in his email to all the employers also said to stand together in silence for 8 minutes and […]

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Get over the laziness you face amid Covid pandemic

Novel corona virus has made lives all over the world at the extreme. Sitting in the classroom and chitchating with friends have become a luxury now. Wearing mask, sanitising every little thing in home, self quarantine are the faces of new normalised world we have to get adjusted on. Staying […]

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