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Understanding Strict Liability

In tort, the liability of a person generally emanates from his negligence and therefore, if the person can be proved negligent then he is held liable. But this general principle of liability does not apply to any person who keeps hazardous substances in his premises or involves in hazardous activities. […]

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Payment of Wages during Pandemic

‘If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few who are rich’, quoted John F. Kennedy years before an epidemic like Covid-19 could have even been forecasted. Starting from the Plague, a bacteria led pandemic to the Spanish Flu caused by a virus […]

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Necessity of Absolute Liability

Our country is a pioneer in industrial development and the demo-graphs of such development is soaring high each day. Also, with the complexity in both geography and life, it is necessary the rules established should be strict and more absolute principle of liability with the respect of no fault liability. […]

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Analyzing Administrative Adjudication

The Administrative Tribunals rendering Administrative equity comprise a side-effect of the government assistance state. In the eighteenth and nineteenth century when ‘free enterprise’ hypothesis held influence, law courts rose out as the caretaker of the rights and freedoms of the individual residents. On occasion they also ensured the privileges of […]

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Innuendo: The other kind of Defamation

Innuendo is used to describe defamation from libel or slander. It is derived from a Latin term “innuere”, “to nod toward”. In lawsuit for defamation, usually to show that the party suing was the person about whom the defamatory statement was made. Example: ‘the former Mayor is a crook,” and […]

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Patent Pooling during COVID-19

The International Science Collaborations on COVID-19 has a new discussion on the table. The idea of patent pooling. Costa Rica, one of the countries in the meeting suggested the inkling of pooling the rights to deal with the current pandemic through minimal or at times free, preferably affordable licensing to […]

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The Norms of Social Stock Exchange

The Expert panel which was setup by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has prepared certain draft norms for Social Stock Exchanges (SSE). SSE is an electronic fundraising platform that allows investors to buy shares in a social enterprise that has been assessed by the exchange. Such social […]

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Loss Of Ice Cover In The Arctic Sea

The National Centre of Polar and Ocean Research (NCPOR) recently found the largest decline in the Arctic Sea ice as seen in last 41 years due to global warming in July 2019. Between 1979 and 2018, NCPOR noted that the sea ice has seen a declination at a rate of […]

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India-Australia Relations

A virtual bilateral summit was held virtually for the first time between the Prime Ministers of India and Australia. A few of the major outcomes of the Summit was the Elevation of the bilateral Strategic Partnership to Comprehensive Strategic Partnership. The Elevation of the “2+2” engagement to the level of […]

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