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Nepotism and Bollywood

Nepotism” is the practice of favouritism based on kinship. The word finds its origins from the Italian nipote, whichmeans nephew. It was first used in the context of bishops granting favours to their […]

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Animal Cruelty Needs To Stop!

Every year, millions of animals are killed in India either to feed the non-vegetarian population or in laboratories for medical experiments. Cruelty against animals is a cognizable offence under Section […]

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Privacy Laws In India

Current laws and license agreements in India which allow for surveillance entail a significant potential for abuse, since the country lacks sufficient privacy safeguards . A privacy law is deemed […]

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Human Rights in the Digital Age

Our digitally connected world poses serious challenges to human rights. Mobile connectivity and internet use, low-cost and fast computing systems, and rapid AI advances have on one hand, provided new […]

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