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Pranjali Dixit

I've a lot of things in my mind, and, now i want to share them with all! I focus on multitasking with proven ability to manage things.

Online Learning Platforms And Courses.

What is Online Learning ? Online Learning, or, e-learning, is the education that is done by, or through the internet. Online learning provides u an institution without the walls, you can learn, study and get certified by just being at your place. It reduces the need of travelling, or the […]

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WHAT IS A LOCKDOWN? Lockdown means, all people are supposed to stay at the place where they are, and, not to travel or go out, just, STAY AT HOME! Lockdown […]

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The solar eclipse is an eclipse when, the sun is covered by the moon, completely or partially. In other words, we can say, a Solar Eclipse occurs when Moon comes in between Sun and Earth, and the moon’s shadow covers the earth. DIFFERENT COUNTRIES, DIFFERENT BELIEVES! INDIA: According to ancient Indian mythos, When, Samudra Manthan occurred, […]

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