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Know more about Pranab Mukherjee

How can I ever forget those days when India was brutally stabbed in the back by the Pakistani invader General Pervez Musharraf by inflicting Kargil war on us and we lost more than 600 soldiers as per official figures and I too lost my child friend late Captain Amit Verma […]

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Benefits of attending Virtual conferences

In-person events such as international conferences, seminars, lectures, debates, symposia, and the like, have long served members of the academic community and professionals from industry, by serving as platforms where the latest knowledge can be acquired. Anyone wishing to update themselves on the most recent developments and advancements in their […]

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Central Govt Not Enacted Law To Prohibit Candidates

It is most refreshing, most reassuring and most remarkable that the Madras High Court has just recently on 13 August 2020 in a well-reasoned, well-articulated, well-worded, well-analyzed and well-balanced judgment titled Jamuna Vs 1. The Secretary to Government, Government of India, 2. The Lieutenant Governor, Puducherry, 3. The District Magistrate-cum-Authorised […]

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Sahitya Samhita

Sahitya Samhita with ISSN 2454-2695 is an international journal for Hindi language. Papers from all fields of studies in Hindi language is published in this journal on a monthly basis. Sahitya Samhita […]

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