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Books that are impressive as heck

1.Becoming Michelle Obama(my favorite person on the planet) wrote this book. It talks about racism, love, accomplishment, failure, family, friends, hard work, almost everything. It is a memoir published in 2018. This book made me think that life can be tricky and many individuals will try to suppress you, make […]

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Fashion tips to slay everytime

Every time you go out, either online or offline. You see celebrities dressed so effortlessly slaying their looks every time they step out of their house or on their social media. But have you noticed how minimalist they all look? They have a simple choice of clothes. They know where […]

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Small tweaks to happy life

Sometimes life doesn’t goes the way we want it to be. One day we are so pumped up to start your day and the next we are not. Life is the biggest rollercoaster in an amusement park called the universe. There are more ups and downs and hey that’s how […]

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