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GDP does not reveal much

GDP is the measure of the market value of all final goods and services produced in an economy during any particular year. In India the central statistical office calculates the GDP. Importance of GDP: GDP helps in knowing the size of the economy. GDP shows the total production in an […]

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World famous love

Peter Abelard and Heloise are known for their complicated love affair which became legendary and eternal love story still admired and revered. It is an unbelievable love affair between a […]

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World without wetlands

wetlands are ecosystems saturated with water, either seasonally or permanently. They include mangroves, marshes, rivers, lakes, deltas, floodplains, and flooded forests, rice-fields, coral reefs, marine areas no deeper than 6 […]

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3D printing technology

3D printing is a process of making 3D (three dimensional) solid objects from a digital file with extreme precision. This technology is also termed additive manufacturing as the 3D printed object is created by additive processes i.e. by laying down successive layers of manufacturing material one over the other. The […]

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PDS system or DBT system:

PDS(Public distribution system) is India’s flagship food security programme which sells subsidised food grains, including wheat, rice and sugar, and kerosene through fair price shops in states and union territories. DBT (Direct Benefit Transfer) is a scheme launched by Government of India to transfer the benefits and subsidies of various […]

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