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Youth and unemployment in india

The growing number of young people worldwide seems to be one of the sources of future economic growth in India. However, the number of Indian youth in labor has been declining. The paper says the problem of youth unemployment and unemployment will remain a major policy issue for many years […]

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Spirituality is a broad concept with a broad range of perspectives. Often, it involves the feeling of being connected to something bigger than we are, and it has to look for a purpose in life. Thus, it is a general experience – something that affects us all. People can describe […]

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Power of positivity

Each of us has this ongoing need for love, commendation, and acceptance. However, people are more likely to be the victims of explosions, anger, fear, and dislike. All of these things are a reflection of our negative thoughts. But the irony is that the more you show it, the more […]

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Why fake feminism is dangerous?

We are living in the year 2018 and the 21st and the world is developing rapidly. People travel from place to place with innovation, technology, and science. The concept of humanity itself attests to a radical change and in this case it is about equality, gender rights and justice for […]

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