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Advertisements: Their motto and functioning

Advertisement mainly is for communicating the message to the target audience, so now when we come to the segregation, there are the commercial advertisements and the non commercial one. Non-commercial advertisements are non-profit and are only shown for giving some information or spreading awareness. Whereas, commercial advertisements are generally directed […]

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Cinema: The best medium of cultural communication

India, a country known for its culture all over the world. Every state, every religion has it’s own culture here. From ancient period, people are following different cultures. Countries like America has their own culture (Western Culture). What is Culture? Though culture have many literal meanings, let’s confine it to […]

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All about Journalism

What is journalism? India is 7th largest country in the world and the second largest country according to the population. It’s obvious, something happens every day in such a big country which obviously affects people living in the country.From all the events, some may affect a large amount of people […]

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