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Mehak Bothra

Advertising Companies

1. Crayons Advertising Ltd It is one of the largest growing Indian advertising agencies . With their proper understanding of the indian market, consumer insight,they constantly thrive to evolve and cover the latest trends and help the brands grow Through their Strategies, creativity and execution they gives  the brand right […]

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Over the past few months a lot has been said about Bollywood and, sadly, none of it has been positive. The film industry has been labelled corrupt, misogynistic, incestuous, corrosive […]

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UNEXPLORED INDIA – 5 must places to visit in India

India is full of awe-inspiring places to enthral and inspire visitors. And, given the vast expanse and sheer diversity of this South Asian country, there are plenty of untouched and unexplored places. From the great Himalayan range in the north to the shimmering coastline of Indian Ocean in the south, […]

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