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Acid Attack

As a human being the god gives us beauty and body, we all have different faces with beauty, but this topic of the article is so connected with our hearts. People often read this news but never think about it, this act looks like normal criminal offence but it is […]

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A word which we hear frequently never give that much importance that is required, usually we ignore the news related to pollution, we are not aware of the environment and the pollution related to it. While starting the article it’s important to define what is pollution, where is this pollution […]

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The answer to this question is not as easy as we think. It’s not defined in a single word nor even a sentence but it depends upon certain reasons that a person changes its personality or not. For this topic is not easy to answer the question just with the […]

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There are famous words said by the scholars that ‘think before you speak’ which means whenever you pass a statement on any person you should be careful what you are speaking knowing all the facts, circumstances but not eligible to pass any defamatory sentence on any person, it comes under […]

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Legal Aid

This term the ‘legal aid’ is the term which is not very known and not easily understands by the people, usually the term quite new. For example- ‘A’ is the labour, who works whole day and night just to earn and give that money to his family, but ‘B’ is […]

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