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India’s Caste Based Reservation, is it actually helping Indians?

Does caste based reservation in India violates the constitutional and fundamental right of equality? This is an obvious question that arises whenever we think of caste based reservation in India. Whether we agree or disagree, truth cannot be denied that reservations had slowed the progress of India and its people. […]

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Saying No To China, Could It Be A Tough Road For India?

What happened at Galwan valley of Indian Ladakh had raised tensions between India and China to all time high. The clash between Indian and Chinese forces led to nationwide outburst against China. Fuelling this, there had been a sudden disagreement for buying any Chinese product or services. This is to […]

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Should India Worry About Its Diversity

India, the world’s most diversified country, 565 princely states united by Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel (former Home Minister of India). These states with their own set of languages, food cuisines, apparels, climates, race, skin shades, religions, traditions and cultures make India vibrant and colourful. A nation that is alternate to rainbows […]

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India’s Kashmir Conflict

With over seven decades crossed since 1947 followed a continuous stretch of never-ending bloodsheds in the Kashmir valley or for the reason of it.  Just in past 27 years, around 41,000 lives have been lost due to this Indo-Pak dispute. The Indian army had lost many of its brave soldiers […]

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India’s Booming Population, Boon or Bane?

India with a population count of almost 1.35 Billion stands second in the entire planet after China. There are certain nations with similar ‘people per sq. Km’ ratios, one such example is of Japan and it has done remarkably great in terms of its wonderfully boosted economy. Can India do […]

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India and Its Vibrant Heritage

India, among few nations who are fortunate of having an age old culture had been through hundreds of transitions in the Era. One of the oldest civilizations with Rich dynasties that had some flamboyant emperors who ruled with an idea of Nation building and on the other side it had […]

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