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Generation Gap.

From “Meri sapno ki raani kab aayegi tu” to “Akela hai mister khiladi, miss khiladi chahiye” and then stopping at “chale jab tu latak matak, londo ke dill patak patak” we all felt the gap between these trends. This is what a generation gap is. It is an ongoing topic, […]

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Plastic – The slow poison.

Lately plastic has taken over the world. People often believe that all of this has happened in the recent few years, but the truth is everything takes time to happen and gradually makes its impact, and the same is with plastic. Commercial (fully synthetic) plastic was first introduced in the year […]

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Why bollywood is destroying itself by Remix.

“Ye khaan aagye hmm, yunhi saath saath chlte” that’s exactly what we feel when we listen today’s songs. If this is what we say evolving is, then Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!.. Hello everyone, This blog is dedicated in favour of retro songs and also stand firm for there […]

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“Shut up! Jao jaake class ke bahar khade ho jao”. I still think, was it a punishment or just a way of giving freedom to go washroom or bunk the class. Hey friends, today is a special day. Today is Teacher’s day, and it’s not only for school teachers but […]

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Tata P.U.B.G. 🎮

“Tussi jaa rhe ho, Tussi na jao”: this dialogue from K.K.H.H was yesterday felt by every Indians heart, ok! not everyone but still a lot of them felt it. Hello friends, today we dedicate this blog to our beloved game PUBG. In a very short span of time pubg made […]

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Traveling Tips.🌄

\n Who doesn’t like traveling? It is the most beautiful thing to do. Now a days it’s always in trend and also getting more popular day by day. Thanks to the digital world for that, but, there’s always something which you can’t learn from the digital world, yeah! Even youtube […]

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