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Dr. Shankar Chatterjee

This is Shankar Chatterjee, retired on superannuation from the post of Professor & Head (CPME) from NIRD&PR, an organization of Govt. of India. I have published 32 books (individual and joint) and around 500 plus research papers, articles, letters. In addition, more than 1000 comments/views uploaded in the Digital column of different leading newspapers such as The Times of India, The Hindu etc.
I have travelled across India for research studies and for other academic works, also visited Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Eritrea, Italy, Iran, Indonesia, Malaysia, Peru, Namibia, Sri Lanka etc. as resource person. And for other purposes, I was in Austria, Germany, England, China, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Vatican City, Egypt, Yemen, Qatar, etc. In Rome, FAO, my research paper was appreciated and then Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Sri Rajsekhar Reddy Sir called me and greeted me. I have represented Assam State Hockey Team in All India Junior National Hockey and acted in a Telugu cinema.
In January 2019, I have received Life Time Achievement Award under the banner of International Academic Excellence Awards -2019, from EAST (Environmental Advisory for Sustainable Trust), Tamil Nadu, India.


   I always feel joyous and excited  on occasion of National (5September) or World (5 October) Teachers’ Day,as I could complete school education to my top education i.e. Ph.D. because of my teachers and also happy that I started my carrier as College Teacher.     In India, from 1962, 5 […]

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“Cricket is a Socio Economic Disaster in South Asia and Commonweal Countries: A Study on Manmade Disaster”: A Book of Different Flavour

 Recently I have the opportunity to read an interesting book as mentioned in the title. The book is written By Dr Manik Kar, a Geo-morphologist and retired from Nowgong College as Head of the Department of Geography, Assam. It has been published by Global Publishing House (India), Vishakhapatnam. The essence […]

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Good lesson taught to China

   It has to be admitted that this time India has taught a good lesson to China. The leaders of China seem to be narcissistic and that is why because of their imperialistic attitude many countries are against them. And unfortunate incident in the Galwan River valley in June 2020, […]

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Peru and COVID19: My Experience in Peru

Peru, officially the Republic of Peru, is a country located in South America. The country is in news because of COVID19 as up to 25 July 2020, total coronavirus cases were 375,961 and unfortunately 17,843 persons passed away because of COVID19. I was in Peru in May 2013 for academic […]

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