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The Last Blog at Eduindex News….

This is my last blog at Eduindex News. It was a great journey of One month. This lockdown i was trying to do something special. And this Internship in which I am as a Intern done lots of blogging. This editorial team also support me and also guide me. Many […]

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Importance of TIME in Lockdown Period…

In this year , we are fighting with a disease which has no cure and most importantly it transmits from social gathering. Due to this, Many organization’s working culture changed completely. They make the innovation idea of “Work from Home”. Through this Many people saves alot of time in travelling […]

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In Delhi Serological Survey Conduct for COVID 19……

In Delhi the cases of corona patients crosses 75,000 remark. And day by day the situation is going into critical phase. For the combat through it, Delhi government announced to conduct Serological Survey. In this survey basically government tries to investigate the movement of Corona patients before their report comes. […]

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How to deal with stress…

Stress is really a very tough word in itself only. Stress refers to the full feeling inside a human. In this state human avoids all the things . And also disturbed physically and mentally both. This is really a painful situation. All should aware about it. The feeling of depressen […]

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Olympic 2020 may be not possible this Year….

The very well known event which is the best athletics show Olympic Games will not be organized this year. Every body know about the pandemic situation of Covid-19. And really no one is really want to enjoy this game. If it performed so, there will be no audience come and […]

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Commiting Suicide never be a option!

How the people are trying to suicide it’s make a way for them to rush out from the problem. But other question arises is it really commiting Suicide can be a solution for this. Probably not, but how the people are nowadays commiting Suicide it is really a tensed situation. […]

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Depression- The real devil inside us…..

Depression is just like a word , simple 10 alphabets in it. But trust me, this word can very hard destroy your life. And the sad reality is that no can escape from it. From the primary age to adult, it strikes very hard. After that period too it damages […]

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Earthquakes in a row, Is it a warning!!!!

Recently in Gujarat, a 4.5 reactor earthquake hitted there. From the earlier few weeks, the no of earthquakes are going very high in numbers. It is really terrible fact that out of all the earthquakes 60% are origin from India. This is really shocking. This type of scenario depicts the […]

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Everyone’s dream – life after Lockdown…

The situation of whole world is like all are suffering from the Immortal virus Corona right now. The Government of any country is really trying hard for protection its citizens. But the death rate of humans are slightly increasing which really gives goosebumps to whole nation . Whenever we think […]

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