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Effective speech 101

The first step is to overcome the fear of public speaking. Effective speaking is not an inbuilt talent. You can develop it through correct practices just as we learn other […]

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Environment News: India

National Green Tribunal (NGT) slams the Ministry of and Forests (MoEF) over its report on Clean Air Programme. They say that the report was against the constitutional mandate under Article 21. […]

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Eco-Friendly Lifestyle 101

Leading an eco-friendly (ecological/environment-friendly) lifestyle is imperative for healthy and sustainable living in the current extreme climatic conditions and environmental degradation and pollution. All this leads to life-threatening atmosphere because […]

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Floods in India: Urban planning

Grey Infrastructure It includes drains, pumps and outfalls. They frequently overflow by heavy rainfall or high levels of storm-water runoff from roads and streets. Indian cities like Bengaluru, Bihar, Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad are […]

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