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IoT : Inter-connecting of Things

The fourth industrial revolution introduced Industry 4.0, which comprises of several disruptive technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Internet-of-Things, Blockchain, Cloud Computing and 3D printing. Technological advancements today have made it possible to easily access and connect with one another. It is this very interconnected technology that has helped combat the Corona […]

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The Outbreak of Stress and Depression

“A healthy mind breeds a healthy body” – Zig Ziglar When my friend recalled how her family reacted to the news of her anxious and depressive state of mind, it lead me to think that among many other things, Depression is still considered a taboo among many middle class Indian […]

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Preparing Ourselves for Artificial Intelligence

The First Industrial revolution introduced in mechanization throughout Europe, and later spreading it to other parts of he world. Almost a century later, the discovery and development of new sources of energy bought in the Second Industrial revolution, which also synthesized new methods of communication like telephone and telegraph. The […]

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