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tate-of-the-art Flood Warning System for Mumbai Launched

Floods to be estimated 3 days in advance, at ward-level Decision Support System will enable smart decision-making and field action based on risk assessment State-of-the-art flood warning system developed by MoES is a gift to Mumbaikars: Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray We are no less than anyone else in the whole […]

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3 Steps to Becoming a Medical Assistant

Interested in becoming a medical assistant? Follow these three steps to start your healthcare career. Medical assisting is one of the fastest growing jobs in healthcare, with employment expected to increase by 29 percent from 2016 to 2026, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. For those who are interested in […]

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Medical Assisting

If you’re looking for a hands-on career in healthcare, then medical assisting could be right for you. Medical assistants are an increasingly important part of the healthcare team as hospitals and healthcare facilities strive to accommodate the needs of a growing patient population. If you’re looking for a hands-on career in […]

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How to Become an RN Fast

RNs are in demand and have lots of work opportunities in healthcare. Here are a few nursing pathways to consider to quickly become an RN. A career as a registered nurse (RN) is appealing for healthcare and non-healthcare professionals alike. Not only is the demand for nurses growing, but RNs also […]

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Two Contrasting Views of Educational Technology

I’d like to share a couple of videos with you that I have used recently in the courses I teach. I find these videos particularly interesting because they show such contrasting approaches to learning and in particular – for want of a better word – elearning.This first one is from the […]

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3 Jobs You Can Land with a Data Analytics Degree

With a data analytics degree, you can develop the skills you need to obtain some of the most in-demand jobs. In today’s business environment, data is more important to companies than ever before. Data-driven insights can help organizations improve efficiencies, identify customer needs and strategize for the future. Companies need […]

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Educational Technology article – Attributes of Open Pedagogy: A Model for Using Open Educational Resources

Opennessby Scinoptica Opennessby Scinoptica  My article – Attributes of Open Pedagogy: A Model for Using Open Educational Resources has recently been published in Educational Technology the magazine for managers of change in education. This article brings together some of the ideas about Open Education Practices that I have been posting over the past year. Your comments […]

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QUIZ: Which Nursing Environment is Right for You?

Take this quiz and learn which nursing environment is best suited for you and your future nursing career! Don’t forget to share the results with your friends Take this quiz and learn which nursing environment is best suited for you and your future nursing career! We’ll help you make a […]

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Mobile Learning in ELT: Survey 2013

In 2010, after buying my first iPad I decided to do some research into how teachers were using mobile devices in their classrooms and their teaching. At this stage ‘smart’ phones were already starting to make an impact and tablet devices were just coming onto the market.  The research results […]

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