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Reduction in syllabus and instructional hours

Union Minister of Human Resource Development Mr. Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’ said in a tweet that the centre is planning to contemplate the option of reduction in syllabus and instructional hours for the coming academic session. The ministry also appealed teachers, academicians, and educationalists to share their point of view on […]

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The Great Indian Wedding: A need or a want?

The constitution of marriage dates back to years. Since human civilisation marriages are considered an important, integral and sacred practice in India so much so as to that individuals not wanting to get married face serious judgement and criticism even in this centuary. If I start talking about ‘societal norms’ […]

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Science vs Commerce: The age old debate

The personal experience Since time immemorial we all have been listening to the ever so long and unending ‘discussions’ on science vs commerce. Surprisingly arts seems to be out of the race, somehow this subject has developed an image suitable for the philosophers and dreamers. Talking about image, our society […]

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Indian education system- a ‘by heart’ story

The Indian Education System and it’s various reforms dates back to not years but centuries. Sometimes also called as 10+2+3, it wasn’t always the same. Imagine being born in the ancient India and permanently shifting to a gurukul, seeking education in the lap of nature, having exams that were moral […]

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A term often read and heard about but very little pondered upon. The Cambridge dictionary defines peer pressure as ‘the strong influence of a group, especially of children, on members of that group to behave as everyone else does’. A simple definition but an impactful cycle. It plays an extremely […]

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