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Musical nostalgia

Vaishali Singh (Cheenu Singh Rathore) And sometimes in life the music playing in the background brings you back to the most beautiful days of your life, music is also known to bring the nostalgia,  Some musical notes makes you feel a bit different, the closing credit (background music) of “Gortimer […]

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Five people rule hack

Vaishali Singh (Cheenu Singh Rathore) So here in this blog I have mentioned the ways through which you can hack the 5 people rule which states that you’re the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with. So to know more read ut till the end. […]

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Your work is your definition

Vaishali Singh (Cheenu Singh Rathore) Your work is your identity, your work is everything. I want to tell you that, your work ethics, the way you work is everything, a person is only identified by his or her actions, the things he or she has done, the values he or […]

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Photography as a career

Vaishali Singh Photography is one of the major things of everyone’s life today, All of us want to freeze the moments we live day to day in a photograph, the new developing technology has made it very easier for people to document their lives easily through photographs and videos and […]

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Social media: a bane or boon

Vaishali Singh Social media is creating a sense of competence in people’s mind, and this competition is making people ungrounded, it’s becoming the major reason of mental crisis these days, amidst this pandemic COVID- 19 outbreak people are not engaged in more productive tasks and in order to utilize their […]

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Fight your distractions and become successful

Vaishal Singh Kill laziness, get out of your bed and start working right away for your dreams. Don’t let your emotions consume you, do not let your emotions hinder your decisions because if you’ll let them doing this then everytime you won’t be taking the decisions but your emotions will, […]

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