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Domestic violence reaching peak

According to the World Health Organisation violence against women tends to increase in any emergency including epidemics. Stress disruption of social and protective networks increased economic hardships and decreased access to services can exhibit the risk of women suffering violence. In the case of covid-19 isolation, restricted movement and stay […]

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New way of learning

2020 brought a halt to lives of people at the same time it also provide time for nature to embalm it’s wounds. ….things however proved particularly hard for normal way of life specially for the students. The more prominent change of life being that the students are no longer being […]

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Practical use of Knowledge

Perhaps the biggest concern when it comes to our education policies is its rigid and laggard nature,one that is scared of drastic changes…however the new economic policy of 2020 is the one that offers rather radical change for the times to come.The extent of its viability can however be judged […]

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The Politics over JEE and NEET

The world today is facing a Pandemic, as WHO likes to call it and this is a situation that nobody had foreseen and many developed countries saw the crippling of their systems,countries with finest medical infrastructure saw the falling of the system like a house of cards. In such a […]

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