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Setting Goals

Setting realistic goals can help you to improve your skills and achieve your goals. You can use it to set goals when you are given a specific task or project, […]

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Communication Barriers

At work, you will use a variety of word-for-word communication tools to share information and keep track of business operations. As an employee, you may sometimes face obstacles that make […]

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JOMO, abbreviated as ‘the joy of missing out’ as opposed to FOMO, ‘fear of missing out’. Are you a JOMO or FOMO person? Read my blog post to see how […]

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Boundaries to be Unstoppable.

Do you sometimes find yourself burned, depressed and tired because of the lack of boundaries in your life? What are the consequences for your overall well-being and productivity? Read my blog post to see how setting healthy boundaries will help you. First of all, saying ‘no’ to people when you […]

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Knowledge Is Power

I am sure you have come across the famous saying ‘knowledge is power!’. Knowledge is so valuable that it enriches you in various ways. Read my blog post to find […]

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Dream Board Value for Success

The vision board, also known as the dream board, is a great tool to help you remember the goals of life. Use it to succeed, to work for your desires and efforts. In this blog post, I will highlight 10 reasons for the comments board that covers your success. The […]

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