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Tejaswini Rastogi

Does the bed time really matter?

Sleeping is the best way to reset your mind and body, relax and energize and start a fresh day. It is a common perception to sleep 6-8 hours during the night instead of hitting the hay late at night or when the sun rises. Getting an adequate amount of sleep […]

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Tips to be more creative

Creativity is a cycle, not an occasion. It’s not a bonus second. You need to work through mental boundaries and inside blocks. You need to focus on rehearsing your specialty purposely. What’s more, you need to stay with the cycle for quite a long time, maybe even many years like […]

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INTRODUCTION In the enforcement of law, the Judiciary is in charge of three roles, firstly, as an interpreter of the constitution to eliminate any ambiguity in the language of the provisions given in the constitution; secondly, as the protector of fundamental rights which are guaranteed by the constitution to its […]

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INTRODUCTION Every manufacturer or seller has the duty to compensate for any injury or harm caused by products manufactured or sold by them to a consumer. Every consumer has the right to seek remedy in case he has been injured or has suffered loss due to a defective product. This […]

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International relations are necessary for every nation to maintain their identity globally. Nations are the primary actors on the international platform. The relation between India and European Union dates back to the 1960s. With the (then) EEC, India established diplomatic relations and was one of the first to do so. […]

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Current Affairs June 2021

Teachers Eligibility Test certificate valid for lifetime The Union government has extended the validity of TET certificates from 7 years to lifetime. The same will be in effect for candidates who have qualified the exam after 2011. According to Union Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal “Nishank”, this will be a positive […]

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