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Cyber Security and Digitalization.

In this digital age of living, usage of technology to communicate, to research, to learn and discover, to keep record of items, et cetera is almost inevitable. With the frequent usage of technology today, there is an increasing risk of attacks, damages, and so on, which could potentially disrupt the […]

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Today, life is moving fast and in this fast-moving life, we explode to more changes in lifestyle. Today the use of the internet is very frequent. The Internet helps everyone to connect with everyone around the world. There are many good uses of the Internet but as there are always […]

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India’s Most Magnificent King, stood under tent for 500 years

It’s true that democracy is wonderful form of government but ever wonder where it was initially invented. Who were those people responsible for setting foundation of the concept of democracy? A concept that wasn’t available in any other civilisation that developed afterwards. One way or the other you must have […]

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Dowry Death.

Lifelong commitment between two people who decides to grow together, to sculpt each other, to selflessly love each other and to support each other throughout, when legally decide to marry each other, then that bond is known as marriage. Marriage or matrimony or wedlock, is a culturally accepted union between […]

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Job satisfaction and growth in private sector

Job satisfaction is an emotion, feeling, an attitude and a matter of perception. It arises from the employee’s appraisal of experience at work and involving likes and dislikes as well as a need and wants which are internal and external to the employee. Job satisfaction is most frequently variable in […]

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What is transactional sex?

Introduction Transactional sex refers to sexual relationships where the giving and/or receiving of gifts, money or other services is an important factor. The participants do not necessarily frame themselves in terms of prostitutes/clients, but often as girlfriends/boyfriends, or sugar babies/sugar daddies. Those offering sex may or may not feel affection […]

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Original vs. Fake Products

Product counterfeiting is a form of consumer fraud: a product is sold, purporting to be something that it is not. Counterfeit is illegally made products that resemble the genuine goods but are typically of lower quality in terms of performance, reliability or durability. There is a need to learn as […]

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The coronavirus pandemic has caused several problems worldwide. One of the biggest problems caused due to COVID 19 is employee termination from their jobs. Due to lockdown imposed by the Government in many economies the businesses have suffered greatly. According to Times report the World Health Organisation(WHO) on March 11,2020 […]

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Impact Of COVID -19

INTRODUCTION Pandemics normally aren’t merely serious public health concern, rather these trigger disastrous socio-economic and political crises within the infected countries. COVID-19, other than becoming the best threat to global public health of the century, is being considered as an indicator of inequity and deficiency of social advancement. The COVID-19 […]

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