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The term Recruitment denoted that process by which the management locates the source of supply of manpower and then traps that source and it encourages outside manpower to apply for the jobs in the organization and search for the proper person for the right type of job at the right […]

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Staffing may be defined as the managerial function of employing and developing human resources for carrying out the various managerial and non-managerial activities in an organization. The function is concerned with attracting, acquiring and activating the human resources for achieving organizational goals and staffing also involves upgrading the quality and […]

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Meetings in India to topple my govt., says Nepal PM K.P. Oli

 Prime Minister K.P. Sharma Oli of Nepal on Sunday said meetings are being organised in India to topple his government. Addressing a gathering at his official residence to mark the 69th birth anniversary of the late communist leader Madan Bhandari, Mr. Oli said his government enjoys parliamentary majority and the […]

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DECENTRALIZATION Decentralization is a systematic effort to delegate to the lowest levels of the authority except that which can be expected that can be exercised at central points. It is the pushing down of authority and power of the decision-making to the lower levels of the organization and the essence […]

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Just as no person alone in an enterprise can do all the tasks necessary for the accomplishment of goals, so also it is impossible, for one person to exercise all the authority for making decisions. There is a limit to the number of person managers can effectively supervise and for […]

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“Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points”.It is basically a preventive approach to food safety which is used to find and then eliminate the biological, chemical and physical hazards which may or may not be there in production processes and can cause the final products to be unsafe and unhealthy for […]

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