Recruitment refers to the overall process of attracting, shortlisting, selecting and appointing suitable candidates for jobs within an organization. Recruitment can also refer to processes involved in choosing individuals for unpaid roles.

U.S. Defense Economy…

The police, obviously, they’re not in the business of of profiting from private acquisitions. We’ve seen extensive lobbying from defense industries who produce educational videos for police who were spending […]

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It is a musical instrument, which can also be called as a miniature version of guitar but it is a bit different from it. It is a Hawaiian instrument  played […]

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Electronic mail

We use electronic mails in our everyday lives, it has become a mode of an etiquette way of conveying messages if formality is required. Nevertheless we can use electronic mails to send our friends a message, it also serves the purpose for an informal yet important messages to be delivered. […]

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PLANNING- process and importance

WHAT IS PLANNING?????Planning is a common term which focuses on pre deciding the things which we have to do later. Not only deciding the things but also planning includes thinking of the ways by which we can complete a particular plan successfully. It is an important parameter of the management […]

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