NATIONAL mean a person owing allegiance to and entitled to the protection of a sovereign state. CITIZEN is preferred for one owing allegiance to a state in which sovereign power is retained by the people and sharing in the political rights of those people.  the rights of a free citizen SUBJECT implies allegiance to a personal sovereign such as a monarch.  the king’s subjects NATIONAL designates one who may claim the protection of a state and applies especially to one living or traveling outside that state.

Right To Information : Here is you need to know about RTI

RTI stands for Right to Information. Right To Information Act 2005 mandates timely response to citizen requests for government information. Right to Information empowers every citizen to seek any information from the Government, inspect any Government documents and seek certified photocopies thereof. Right to information also empowers citizens to official […]

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Honor killing

Honour killing is seen as a dirty behaviour by the member of the family thinking to bring purity to the family. It is an act of murder by the family on the family members to bring honour to the family to eradicate the shame and dishonour brought by the family […]

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The conflict of Kashmir…

On February 14th 2019, a suicide bomber attacked a convoy of Indian security forces. “We’re getting reports of multiple casualties in a roadside…” He killed at least 40 Indian soldiers […]

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Legality of Lockdown

After Unlock 2.0 we again hearing that some state govt going for lockdown, firstly on March 24 Prime Minister Narendra Modi announce 21 day lockdown than it’s extended many times. […]

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Social impact of COVID-19 on Indian society

With approximately 7 lakh cases and 21k deaths India has become 3rd most affected country by Corona virus in the world. Indian society has immensely effected by COVID-19. Indian economy have devastated too. The COVID-19 outbreak affects all segments of the population and is particularly detrimental to members of those […]

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Kashmiri youth joining Rebel Ranks

It is heartbreaking how some of the Kashmiri youth are getting distracted into false and heinous crimes, where they are forced to be a part of terrorist groups and made to pick up guns and kill people. How sad it would be for a mother who loses her child, who […]

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