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Our daily news analysis consists of two parts – Daily News and Important Editorials. We cover Daily News by choosing the most relevant topics from a number of newspapers like The Hindu, Livemint, The Indian Express etc. plus a variety of national and international news websites like PIB, BBC, Al Jazeera, CNN etc. All news items are properly highlighted, bulletised and tagged for easy reading and research. Sometimes we also include relevant infographics and diagrams in these news items. Similarly, for Important Editorials we rely on very trustworthy sources – though mostly national, like The Hindu and Livemint – for our daily cover. We keep editorials as short and precise as it would permit. We also bulletise certain points of importance to make the articles more presentable.

Feeling intresting in uninterested

I don’t know what made me to listen to my online class today. Intrest is not what you feel, it’s what you think. Intrest in something that I thought to be intresting only makes me feel intrested in something that I already feel intrested. Intresting is not always interesting but […]

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Covid-19 Updates.

The global pandemic has troubled the world enough by taking many lives and taking down the economy of vast number of nations. People are praying and expecting that a vaccine […]

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Meetings in India to topple my govt., says Nepal PM K.P. Oli

 Prime Minister K.P. Sharma Oli of Nepal on Sunday said meetings are being organised in India to topple his government. Addressing a gathering at his official residence to mark the 69th birth anniversary of the late communist leader Madan Bhandari, Mr. Oli said his government enjoys parliamentary majority and the […]

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Everyone will die someday

We came alone, we die alone, atleast try to live together. If we can’t die together, atleast try to live together.Live the life the way you want. Go make your life. Become the creators of your life.Who are we to stop it? The way you willed your life will not […]

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Vitamin D tips for home, COVID Lockdown

At present Corona, the virus is continuing its spread across the world with more than four million confirmed cases in 188 countries. Many people have lost their lives so far because of this pandemic. This is moving like a jet- one that may yet crash on those least able to […]

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