About Eduindex News

Eduindex News being a newspaper company is an organization that owns a newspaper and publishes it for the people. EDUindex News focusses on the educational contents and news from world of education. We are expanding our network in all universities for news aggregation. We will provide valuable news and educational content to readers around the world.

Eduindex News has several divisions and departments, each handling its own set of designated tasks and duties.  For example, the editors are responsible for editing the content written by the writers while the publisher is the one who has the right over the newspaper. Similarly, there are many other job positions, hierarchy or order of work of which is given below:


The position of the publisher comes at the top on the chain management hierarchy of

of a Eduindex News. Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd is one who is in charge of the paper and more often than not, owns it.  Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd signs pay checks and have the final say on the administration and working of the paper. The following job positions all lie under the position of the Publisher

A) Managing Editor

A managing director reports to the publisher only and is responsible for handling the day to day tasks of the company. He suggests stories after proper research and holds the right to kill the stories that are not required too.  Within the position of a managing editor lie the positions of all the other editors.

  • City Editor-A city editor is that editor for a newspaper who concentrates on the hard news stories of the city and writes the entire editorial for this section of the paper.  City editor is also responsible for reading all the stories that are to be published and suggests changes.
  • Lifestyle Editor-A lifestyle editor is an editor who writes for the lifestyle section of the paper.  This section can include articles about music, food, entertainment, fashion and movies.  These individuals report to the managing director, just like the city editor.
  • Sports Editor-Every newspaper has a section of sports related news which is handled by the sports editor. He is responsible for writing sports editorials and receives all sports related articles from correspondents.
  • Front page Editor-A front page editor is one of the most important and qualified editor as he is the one who gets to write the most important news covering all the sections mentioned above in such a way that they can feature on the front page.
  • Special sections Editor-An editor who works primarily for the special sections (if any) of a newspaper is the special sections editor.
  • Feature Editor – An editor who is responsible for the design and final layout of the news papers. He is also one who works on a particular section or feature of the news.

After the position of editors, there are many other job titles and they are given as follows:

B) Reporters– These are the ones who conduct interviews and get news pieces. The following are some categories of reporters-education reporter, sports reporter, front page reporter, crime reporter, city reporter, lifestyle reporter

C) Photographer– A photographer is another important employee of a newspaper and is the one who clicks photographers fitting for all the news pieces. There can be multiple photographers working for a newspaper company.

D) Cartoonists– These individuals sketch cartoons for the newspaper company

E) Graphic Designers-All newspapers have graphic design to handle the graphic department