Typhoid and low levels of Serotonin

Vaishali Singh It’s the seventh time I got detected positive with typhoid, the first time my Widal test came out to be positive was when I was in 5th standard and today I am in the second year of my college it’s been more than 10 years but the problem […]

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Cyber Crime: How to tackle it?

INTRODUCTION The past two decades have witnessed an invasion of technology in almost all the spheres of human life. This has led to an increased dependency on technology. Thanks to information technology,the world has made paradigm shifts from the offline to online domain. Everything,from banking,stock exchange,healthcare, education can be controlled […]

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Is Education Overrated?

Importance of Literacy Rate When discussing the well-being of any country or state of human development of a country; literacy rate is considered to be one of the key parameters. […]

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