An interesting case of forgery

Forgery in itself requires a lot of skill and mental acumen to pull-off. And as all crimes go once caught, one must prove their innocence in court to live freely. However, one case in Holland which included forgery was a little different, here the accuse pleaded guilty and tried to convince the court of his guilt. This was the case of……..

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Definitely, some may find horror movies as senseless but some may find it fascinating. It depends from person to person and the storyline of the movie. Watching horror movies with […]

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12 July :- New conversations day

“Many are so in the habit of making lazy conversation about weather & sport that we don’t take the opportunity to ask interesting questions and have rewarding conversations” . Awkward Silence are suggesting a number of alternative conversation starters that people can use including ‘Which birthday tradition should change?’, ‘How […]

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