Live In Relationship!…

In our society, two strangers can sleep together on first-night post marriage. But two loved ones who each other for years can’t live together.Nowadays in both kinds of marriages, whether love or arranged, people struggle to stay together. In an arranged marriage, two complete strangers are supposed to live together. […]

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Hindu marriage act 1955

Marriage is a socially permitted voluntary, stable and exclusive union between a male and female. In Hindu Religion, Marriage is treated as holy bond between two souls. It is not just union for this life but also for coming life as well. Marriage is treated as one of the essential […]

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Marriage vs live-in relationships

Whether we see marriage or live-in relationships, it’s the love that bring two person together. Some people wants to explore that love and their partner, compatibility with them, without marriage so their live-in relationships come into place. Marriage is more legal and socially accepted form of relations between couples in […]

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